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Single Stones

Immobilized single stones traded individually in an electronically negotiated market with prompt settlement.

  • Stones are Traded individually
  • Order books are defined and grouped by the 4 C’s into categories (eg. All 3 carat, round, D color, IF stones are shown in one group)
  • Identified by unique GIA certificate number
  • Trades are electronically negotiated
  • Buyers can place indicative price bids by diamond category
  • GIA lab graded


Diamond Baskets

Immobilized and fungible baskets to be traded on a price/time priority in a continuous market.

  • A collection of GIA lab graded diamonds
  • All baskets are fungible
  • Baskets are traded electronically on price / time priority
  • Baskets are defined by the 4 C’s
  • Each basket has identical number of stones and total weight
  • Each basket includes stones of identical cut
  • Each basket includes stones of identical clarity
  • Each basket includes stones of identical color