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    JULY 2018 | 342 ct
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    Underground Mine Expansion

    Expanding mine-life to 2040

    Paragon Diamonds limited

    Paragon Diamonds Limited is an international diamond production and distribution company and a consistent supplier of polished diamonds to the international market. We have an extensive portfolio incorporating interests in Lemphane project in Lesotho. Paragon's strategy is to focus on value rather than volume production by optimizing recoveries from its high-quality asset base inorder to maximize their efficiency and profitability. We have a significant resource base of ca. 243 million carats, which supports the potential for long- life operations.

    We conducts all operations according to the highest ethical standards . Our company aims to generate tangible value for each of our stakeholders, thereby contributing to the socio- economic development of our host countries and supporting long-term sustainable operations to the benefit of our employees, partners and communities.

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    Diamonds are a good investment for several reasons. More recently, these precious ‘everlasting’ gemstones have already proven their security aspect for investment purposes, as they offer protection against any credit risks of banks or financial institutions, currency fluctuations and inflation. Diamonds are not only considered as secure – crisis resistant – investments, moreover the macro-economic law of supply and demand indicates a structural increase of the diamond prices on the world market. Investing in diamonds offers a large variety of benefits. In general, diamonds are likely to increase in value. This value augmentation is caused by significant increase in demand and decrease in supply


    Lemphane is a world class mine which benefits from state-of-the-art mining infrastructure, including a modern processing plant. It is a large-scale asset with tonnage and throughput upside and is one of world’s foremost producers of large, high quality, Type IIA diamonds in excess of 10.8 carats. Lemphane contains a world-class gross resource of 147.2 Mcts as at 30 June 2022, which suggests its mine life could be significantly longer than the current mine plan to 2040.